Devising Social Media Strategy, enhancing its impact

Social Media Marketing Strategy - Devising Social Media Strategy

by Muhammad Imran Khan
(Senior Manager Projects – Marketified™)

While helping a great deal in driving traffic to a website social media marketing is also very helpful for branding of products, businesses, services etc and cannot be ignored as one of the most effective marketing and promotional tool. Social Media can be used in a number of ways especially when you want to drive the desired traffic, which can be a tremendous advantage for your business either its small or big. Most of the flourishing companies these days are looking for social media marketing as an important element of their marketing strategy. This not only enables them to get much needed traffic but they are also making brand awareness and branding through this way.

Though there are many tips which can be used to make social media a traffic generating medium while one of the recommended tips of driving traffic using social media is to clearly express oneself regarding their business and intention. This will not only get people to take notice of your business but will also push them to visit your site to learn more. Be careful to portray yourself as a professional, and come off as offering superior products or services while at the same time maintaining a personal relationship with your target audience.

A second way to use social media to the advantage of your business is to remain committed to your page. You need to ensure daily page visits with frequent updates as required. Always keep the line of communication with your fans or clients open, and answer all their queries that they might have.

Additionally, it is important to amalgamate social media in your branding procedure, while portraying a professional business reflection. Whereas devising social media strategy you should be cognizant of the fact that your social media contour is evaluated by the people on the factors of your proficiency and brand image, thus a well calculated effort should be put in selecting appropriate social medium. Your brand should convey professionalism and trust to your target audience.

Face book is considered to be one of the most influential social media tools that can be utilized as major part of social media strategy. Have you been struggling with traffic on Face book, lack of conversion rates, low brand awareness? According to a recent research, there are three important things which need to be considered to ensure rising fan following and consistent engagement of fans to your Face book page.

Below are some very useful tips especially for Facebook timeline’s exclusive features which helps you turning your Facebook page into an engaging utility.

Cover Photo – Ideal size should be (851 x 315)
You can create a descriptive and eye-catching visual for your company with the help of Facebook timeline’s cover photo. This feature also allows you to change the image sporadically to match with your campaigns or brands. Try to keep it clearer, crispy and relevant. While keep in mind that Facebook policy won’t allow you to use any call-to-action or phone numbers in this area.

Profile Image – Ideal size should be (180 x 180)
You can place the logo of your company or brand since this image is used to represent this type of info in a clear, crispy way. This is a better place to show any URL if you want which can guide visitors to dig deeper and get all info from your product/company page.

Feature Tabs – Ideal size should be (111 x 74)
First large tab image to the right of about is automatically sets as your photo album by Timeline. Apart from this there are three more opportunities for you to highlight three more visible custom tab images which you can then link to the custom tabs that can be created. Moreover additional tabs can also be seen by clicking drop down arrow on extreme right.

Best utilization of large tab images:

  • Try to make them more & more eye-catching
  • Be clearer, wiser and concise, “Enter & Win!” is far better than “Click this tab to enter in our Contest or lucky draw or what so ever.”
  • Try to assign relevant names to your created tabs.
  • Try to drive traffic steadfastly to tab’s url having a Like check which will help you building and growing your fans.

Though there might be many other tips which can be used and are really helpful as far as social media especially Facebook is concerned. I would highly appreciate if you can share them with us using your right of comments below!

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